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News Updates 20-06-2014 10:30 PM:From 01 Jan 2015 Central Western University will be no longer offering In-Campus and Distance learning Programmes  

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For the Professional seeking to further their career, or life in general, look no further than Central Western University" - Editor Online Career Development

Founded in 1983, Central Western University was one of the first purely distance education institutions in the Western United States, implementing world-wide correspondence courses that allowed students from all over the U.S., Canada, UK and other nations to obtain their degree based on distance learning models and principles. Today, Central Western University is a 100% online university, with only 5% of students still taking correspondence courses through the mail.

Central Western University's online system challenges the traditional campus based educational establishment because totally flexible, real-world, and feature academic freedom and the power to control how, where, when and what you learn. So the rich history of Central Western University as student focused institution of learning and intellectual development remains unchanged only made more better with the advent of information communication technologies.

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